Bashaier Aljabari

Biologist & Certified GreyWater Installer

Passionate about the Environment, I see stability within the realms of a balanced cyclic relationship between us and our granted natural resources. Seeking to dive deep into the mysteries of life, I had obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sciences & Biology from Hebron University, in the Holy lands while giving birth to three wonderful children in the process … Being a mommy made me ponder about the future of the grandchildren of my children … Would it be a Lively and Stable future ? They do not have control over their fresh water now … But water is Life …. Ever since 2007 I have been on a mission of innovating on the technics of Recycling used household water to reuse it to produce food gardens adjacent to residence … so no one with passion to grow their own food, feels lack or insult due to need … behind apartheid.

So now, here I am a Certified Grey Water Installer via Ecology Action through the Santa Clara Valley Water district .. Realizing that the 7 Years of Drought here in California, followed by California’s largest Wildfires this year 2020 … needs a LOT of Certified Greywater Installers and Landscapers to help push humanity forward into a better way of utilizing natural resources enable to always be stomach full and fire resistant.

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Greywater Installer Certification
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